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Terminating a subscription contract

You do not need a middleman

For a solution to your problem, call at your local CDE Branch. Do not hesitate to contact the Commercial and Marketing Directorate if you are not satisfied with the response to your problem.


CAMWATER in partnership with EXPRESS UNION

Camerounaise Des Eaux (CDE), in partnership with EXPRESS UNION, has developed a new solution for payment of water bills to improve its customer service.

Clients of the following CAMWATER’s centres can now can pay their bills at the EXPRESS UNION counters.

Payment at the cash office

You already have or do not have your bill. Show up at the counter using the name on the subscription contract; the clerk will give you the amount of your bill. You can then settle your bill either in cash or by cheque against a receipt

Bank domiciliation for the settlement of your bills

This enables you to settle your monthly water consumption bills through your bank.
Submit an application for bank domiciliation at the counter of your branch. Your bills shall henceforth be deposited at your home (for purposes of controlling the billed consumptions) and at your bank which shall then go ahead with settlement by deduction from your account of the amount of your monthly bill.

Up-front payment

You are very often out of town or out of the country and do not have the time to show up at the cash office; you can pay up-front. Deposit a certain sum of money equivalent to about three, six or twelve months to the cash office of your branch for the subsequent settlement of your bills. Each month the amount of your bill shall be deducted from your deposit and the balance of your account shall be communicated to you each month on the stub of your bill. This method of payment is only possible when the account posts a zero or positive balance.

Partial settlement

This method of payment is reserved for water vendors (owners of pay stand-taps or occasional vendors) or for owners of carwash lots who may not always the full amount at the time of settling the bill because the level of daily collections arising from the business does not allow enough money to be put aside while waiting for the bill.
The possibility is granted to this category of customers to call at the cash office and to pay, regularly at his convenience, a minimum amount not less than FCFA 1000 (one thousand francs) until he clears the bill by the latest date of payment appearing on the bill. This payment facility is only possible if the debit balance of the account is made up exclusively of the month’s bill. Each partial settlement shall be sanctioned by a payment receipt.

For further informations, Call the CAMWATER Infoline "8121".

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